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In this article, we will see 3 different update scenarios in CTEs such as :

Consider the following 2 tables Employee and Department

Using Median absolute deviation to find the outliers using SQL Server

In real world scenarios, we often get skewed data distribution. Meaning, majority of the data are clustered around 1 area and the remaining few data points are away from the majority of the data. In statistics, the common way to find the outlier is to calculate the standard deviation and identify the data points which are more than 3 standard deviations. However, if the data distribution is skewed, median is a better measure for central tendency than mean and inter quartile range would be a better measure of spread…

A comparison between MS Excel and SQL for data cleaning


The main objective of this article is to walk through a few ways to obtain clean data using MS Excel and SQL


Data cleaning is the process of ensuring data is correct, consistent and usable. Data cleaning is really important because it improves data quality and there by increases the overall productivity. Clean data helps in accurate decision making, boost results and revenue, save money , time and minimize compliance risks. This articles presents few ways which helps in cleaning the data using MS Excel and SQL.


Objective : Replace…

A decentralized distributed machine learning technique without sharing raw data

What is Federated Learning?

Federated Learning also known as collaborative learning or a decentralized learning, a machine learning technique where a model is trained by keeping the training data decentralized.

How cool is that?

So why do we need federated learning?

Before we start, let’s quickly go through how a model is trained in conventional machine learning(ML) setting. In conventional ML setting, the first step prior to training a model involves downloading or storing the data you would like to use in your local repository and apply some machine learning algorithms on the data to predict the results. The key point to note down…

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